The ORIGAMI for PEACE  door/mural

The artist was invited in 2006 in the Italian Rivera village of Valloria-Imperia in Liguria by the local art association to paint a mural-door...The village of Valloria is like an open-air art gallery..more than 100 doors have been painted by international artists... this is the door"Origami FOR PEACE" that she painted dedicating it to a team of peace and inviting people to contribute to the mural with their drowing and wishes...for peace.


The mural-door "Origami for Peace"

The painting"Origami For Peace" that the artist had painted before going toValloria and inspired

 the motif for the door. NOT for sale.

 Canvas Prints- Framed prints-

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 Fineartamerica .com artist page is located at: (Michelina Croteau)

The poster of "Origami For Peace" is available at  ( see Michelina Croteau)

Valloria, Italy

 Welcome-Benvenuti a Valloria-Imperia_Liguria_ITALY

 The village of Valloria whose name means valle dell'oro=valley of gold for its richness in olive trees and oil of olive visited every summer by many tourists... especially during the 2 festivals one at the beginning of July and the other at the beginning of August when the murals-doors are celebrated with local food,wine, dancing and live music. 


 Visitors to the Italian Riviera town of Valloria are invited to paint their origami next to the ones the artist painted and leave a message... of Peaceā™„


Views of Valloria 

 strarting thedoor/mural


Valloria, Italy


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